What is my student ID number


How do I find out my SMC Student ID number?


When you were admitted to SMC, the "Congratulations, you are admitted to SMC” email message sent to your personal email address showed your SMC Student ID number under your name.

Your ID number is also shown under your name in your "Admission Tasks" email sent to your personal email address.

If you can log in to the Corsair Connect student self-service system, your ID number is shown at the top of the screen under the blue bar that says "Corsair Connect" once you have clicked either:

  • the home screen's "Enrollment Services" button, or
  • the "Enrollment" tab

See the Corsair Connect blanked-out example in the Corsair Connect Guide under "Navigating the Enrollment Tab" at:


If you have questions about your SMC Student ID number or need it sent to you again, please contact the SMC Office of Admissions and Records by following the instructions for "Contact Admissions & Records" on the webpage at:


NOTE: An SMC Student ID number is not the same thing as a CCCID issued by the California Community Colleges OpenCCC/CCCApply system. They are completely separate.


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