Chromebook Setup Instructions


How do I set up the Chromebook I have borrowed from SMC?

Getting Started
First, you must connect to the Internet. Click the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right of the window:

1.    At home, please select your wireless network, enter your Wi-Fi password
2.    At SMC, you may connect to the SMC_WIFI using your SMC username and password, and additional settings will be required:
ESSENTIAL SETTINGS: EAP Method = PEAP, Certificate = Do not Check, Identity =

Next - Sign In Using a Google Account:
If you are a student, sign in with your SMC Student email. If you are an employee, sign in with your SMC Gapps account. Students and Employees may also sign in with any Google account.
Next – Update the Chromebook
Once signed in, please update the Chromebook. The update icon may take a few minutes to appear.

The icon is an up arrow at the bottom right of the screen – please see the image below.

1.    Open Chrome
2.    Go to
3.    Go to Join Meeting
4.    Type meeting ID
5.    Type your name
6.    Click “Sign in.”
7.    Click on “Add Zoom to Chrome.”
8.    Click on “Install from Chrome Web Store.”
9.    Open the Zoom App. If prompted for a “screen name,” type your name.
Note: If you get a “Connecting…” screen, but it does not connect, update the Chromebook, then try again.


•     If your Chromebook is defective, broken, or malfunctioning, please return it to the Santa Monica College Bookstore for a replacement.
•     For additional remote support resources, please contact us


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