Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment for New Employees

Welcome to Santa Monica College!  

Part of onboarding process, you receive a notification from on your personal email from the Human Resources department's contact information.  This new SMC Account notification email message inludes your username, password and a URL link to login.  Please follow the steps below to complete the new user onboarding process.   

Step 1: Login and Set a New Password 

On the email notification of New SMC User account, click on a URL link to login and set your password.

Exhibit 1

Type your password twice

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Step 2: Start your MFA enrollment


Step 3: Register Phone Number

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 7

Step 4: Answer Challenge Questions

Exhibit 8

Exhibit 9

Exhibit 10

Step 5: Register Non-SMC Email

Exhibit 11

Exhibit 12

Exhibit 13


Step 6: Enable Mobile Authenticator

Exhibit 15

Exhibit 16

Step 7:  Install the Mobile Authenticator app on your phone

We use iPhone for this demonstration; however, you can use Android.   On your phone,  open App Store, search for Microsoft Authenticator, and install the app. Once the app is installed, select Open, select Add Account

Exhibit 17

Exhibit 18

Exhibit 19

Recommend to Scan QR code, but you can Sign in if you wish

Exhibit 20

Exhibit 21

Step 7:  Complete Mobile Authenicator enrollment

Now, you are back to your computer at the login screen that you left couple minutes ago to install the mobile authenticator app, enter the OTP passcode and click Continue

Exhibit 22

Exhibit 23

Step 8:  Set Default Multi-Factor Delivery Method

Exhibit 24

If you need assistance, please contact our technical support.


Phone: 310.434.3010



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